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There a number of options for you to choose to add to your experience at The 86. 

Add some comfort and a touch of class to your experience at The 86 and reserve a private booth for you and your guests.  Saturday nights private booths are provided with your own hostess to give you table and priority service.

7 luxury booths in our dining area are available to be booked for your private use.  These booths are situated at the front of the venue.  There are 3 x 8 seater Premium Velvet booths and 4 x 4 seater booths in our tram car and either may be reserved for any Saturday night. The 8 seater booths pre-purchase fee is $140 and the 4 seater booths pre-purchase fee is $79. This amount is transferred to a bar tab on your arrival for you and your guests to enjoy (note drinks only no food included on Tab).  Your booked booth is yours all night long until you leave or we kick you out and turn the lights off! 

To check availability and confirm a booth booking, email the venue to enquiry if a booth is available for a particular date.  NOTE:  Booth bookings do not include entry to shows.  See WHAT’S ON for ticketing info.

VIP Reservations - Booths & 
Cabaret Tables
Reserve comfortable private booths or cabaret tables from $79


Want to be up close to the action in prime viewing, with somewhere to rest your drinks and nibbles on?   Oh sorry what’s that?   You would like table service?  Then book a Cabaret Table for the show and get the whole VIP treatment. 

If the show you are booking tickets to is listed as Cabaret, then that means you can book a Table at the stage.  Note there are only a small number of tables available at the stage.  The price on these tables varies for different shows and often includes bottles of Sparkling Wine or Mixed Tapas Platters.

Note these tables are for show only and are removed as the curtain comes down.  Check out the shows on the WHAT’S ON page to see if you can book a table.